The best tasting Sushi, Japanese Tapas and Teppanyaki

With an eye toward sourcing the freshest ingredients, our menus are changed to each season to reflect the flavours found at each time of the year.

Only the freshest ingredients make it onto the plates at Sakura Japanese restaurant. We strive for the perfect blend of exquisite taste and eye-catching presentation that moves in tandem with the seasons. This reflects not only the delicious flavours that traditional Japanese cuisine can provide, but also a modern culinary approach and a commitment to both the health of our diners and the environment.

Our menus change with the seasons, but our levels of service do not. You will always receive a warm welcome at Sakura Japanese Restaurant and our novel, high-tech approach to table service will both surprise and delight you.

Guests at Sakura Japanese Restaurant always expect the best and so do we. Every day, we strive to bring the finest, freshest and most delicious Japanese cuisine direct to your table, tantalising your taste buds and delivering the wow factor that only Japanese food can provide.

Our food is our passion, and at Sakura Japanese restaurant, you can be sure that our chefs are dedicated to perfection. They work tirelessly to craft the perfect Japanese cuisine and provide absolute guest satisfaction.

Whether you’re planning a small get together, a banquet style celebration or a business lunch, Sakura can provide the perfect setting to suit your requirements.

And for every requirement we can provide the right atmosphere. Whether it’s a special occasion, a regular meeting or something a little more intimate, at Sakura Japanese Restaurant you can sit back, relax and simply enjoy your meal.

Our unique, high-tech service model provides our diners with instant choice throughout their meal. It also means that we can provide an unparalleled level of service and be as attentive or as unintrusive as you desire. At Sakura Japanese Restaurant we can provide a service to suit all tastes.



Traditional Sushi was simply salted fish, wrapped in fermented rice. First developed in Southeast Asia, this simple yet delicious cuisine spread quickly into Southern China and then, by the 8th century, into Japan.


Sushi literally means ëitís sourí. Why? Because Sushi was traditionally preserved in salt. Sushi is vinegared rice topped with other ingredients, unlike Sashimi, which is slices of raw fish served on their own. Sashimi is simply not Sushi, because itís not served with rice!


The Sushi you will most likely know, and love is Nigirizushi. A more modern form of Sushi, that began with the Japanese chef Hanaya Yohei in 1824. His methods not only proved faster to produce, providing far more choice more quickly, but they also improved the flavours.